Land Clearing

There are strict council regulations on what trees you can remove when clearing land. At Touch Wood Tree Services, We stay up to date with current Gold Coast City Council regulations. With council permission, we can remove trees, shrubs, undergrowth, bushes, and stumps. Our land clearing services are not only for construction but for fire safety as well.

Australia has strict laws in place when it comes to land clearing. And if you don't know the regulations you can find yourself in a lot of hot water. The land clearing cost when hiring an arborist working within regulations is much cheaper than the court costs if you cut down even one wrong tree.


Landholder fined $15,000 for clearing Cycads

Property owner fined $5,000 for clearing 20m² of mangroves

Tree removal requires an experienced arborist to ensure that the removal is safe, and there is no damage to any existing property. Touch Wood Tree Services specialise in land clearing. And will ensure that the job is done as quickly as possible while ensuring everything is within regulations.

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