Gold Coast Tree Lopping

Well maintained trees can have a positive effect on the value of your property. Unkempt trees can have a negative effect on the value. Tree lopping is a great way to manage trees that you can not remove or as a way to tidy up a tree.

Tree lopping, crown lifting and thinning of the canopy can allow better airflow, more light and better views. Removing old or annoying branches can also invigorate new healthy growth.

Having a skilled Arborist carry out your tree lopping services means that it's done safely. Arborists also know where to cut a tree to ensure there is minimal risk of causing cuts to rot, or promote limb decay and promote healthy regrowth.

Where the tree is diseased or posing a risk than tree removal may be an alternative.

Tree removal requires an experienced arborist to ensure that the removal is safe, and there is no damage to property. With large gum trees and other hardwood tree trunks weighing over 9 tonnes, it is better left to the professionals. Touch Wood Tree Services is your go-to for Gold Coast tree lopping and specialise in dangerous tree removals. We will ensure that the job is done as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of people & property.

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