Gold Coast Tree Removal Professionals

Tree removal requires an experienced arborist to ensure that the removal is safe, and there is no damage to surrounding property. Without the proper equipment and experience, even the smallest of trees can pose a safety risk. With large gum trees and other hardwood tree trunks weighing in at over 9 tonnes, it is better left to the professionals. Touch Wood Tree Services specialize in dangerous tree removals. And will ensure that the job is done as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of people & property.

Dead Tree Removal

Dead trees can pose a serious safety risk after a tree dies it no longer reinforces its structure. Over time a dead tree will begin to rot from the inside out. Not only are these trees a safety issue, but also a liability risk. If you have a dead or dying tree, tree removal is a must in order to ensure safety for yourself and others.

There are strict council regulations on what trees you can remove. At Touchwood Tree Services, We stay up to date with current Gold Coast City Council regulations.

Services We offer:

  • Safe tree clearing services

  • Customized plans and rigging solutions.

  • Expert advice, letting you know when a dead or dying tree poses a risk to you and your property.

Bamboo Removal Services

Bamboo is fast growing and a natural privacy screen and can and will take over your yard if not maintained. Bamboo is also destructive, damaging fences, paving and anything else that gets in its way. To make an issue worse Bamboo is also resistant to strong herbicides like Roundup if not applied correctly. We can remove the bamboo and safely poison the remaining stumps.

Gold Coast Tree Removal Services

Our complete tree removal service will eliminate diseased, dying, damaged and unsuitably located trees. Using the latest dismantling techniques our work is conducted safely with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area.

We have experience in working with trees compromised by breakage, decayed trees, aged trees, and we specialize in the removal of trees that are awkwardly situated adjacent to buildings and garages.

Touch Wood Tree Services has a team of fully licensed and insured arborists that can completely remove your tree without leaving problems behind. We have provided expert tree clearance services for customers throughout the Gold Coast. If you have trees that are dying, decaying, in the way or pose a risk, call us for help

In some cases, you may not be able to completely remove a tree when this occurs tree lopping or tree pruning is another option.

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