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Palm trees are a popular choice of tree in and around the Gold Coast. With their root system and lack of branches, they thrive in tropical climates. Although older palms or palms growing in bad soil can become unsafe. Palm frond removal is a safety precaution as loose fronds and seed pods falling from heights can cause serious injury. Touch Wood Tree Services can help you with your palm tree cleaning or removal.

Palm tree cleaning on a yearly basis can help to prevent seeds from clogging pool filters or gutters. Dead palm fronds are unsightly when stuck to a palm tree, and are difficult to dispose of because of their size. Palm tree cleaning, when done by a professional arborist, is a quick and safe job. As they have all the tools and experience necessary.

While palm trees, in general, require less maintenance than other trees, they can look unsightly if old fronds are not removed. Certain palm trees, like Cocos palms, need to have the dead fronds and seed pods removed once to twice a year. Palm tree maintenance is also essential in reducing the likelihood of pest infestations on your property as dead and rotting palms are a common habitat for rodents, bats and cockroaches.

Sometimes Palms can become too difficult to manage, or too unsafe. When this happens the best course of action is complete palm tree removal. Also if a palm tree is in bad health it is safer to remove it, than to leave it.

Removal of larger palms should always be carried out by an arborist as their height and the direction they lean can be difficult to manage. Touch Wood Tree’ specialise in Gold Coast palm tree removal leave it to the experts and keep you and your property safe.

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