Gold Coast Tree Trimming Services

Touch Wood Tree Service, is the Gold Coast tree pruning service experts, our methods maintain the attractiveness of your property without compromising the vitality of your trees. Our team is extensively trained in OH&S and proper trimming and pruning techniques.

Tree Shaping & Tree Pruning Gold Coast

With regular pruning of the tree regrowth, you can prolong the lifespan of the tree, increase tree growth and fruit production and reduce or eliminate falling branch hazards. Trimming allows you to keep the tree without impacting on structures, such as homes and fences.

Trimming of crossover branches and dead wood eliminates liability risk from falling branches, making for a safer and also beautiful property.

Crown Lifting

By removing the lower branches of a tree you will create more distance between the the tree’s foliage and the ground. This can give the ground cover around the base of the tree more natural light. Crown lifting is also less stressful on the tree when done correctly.

Trimming too much from the tree can impact on the health of the tree. Touch Wood Tree’s ensure optimal pruning so the tree remains healthy and strong while improving the overall look of the property.

Thinning Out

By thinning out a tree canopy more light and air will be able to pass through, which is a benefit during high winds as less pressure is exerted onto the tree and in turn, reduces the chance of major damage to the tree or property.

In areas with high mosquito population, thinning out a tree can help to reduce the mosquito issue as it will give them fewer areas to hide during the day. You will also notice a reduction in pest and fungal problems.

If your property backs onto bushland or if you are in a high fire risk area, regular tree maintenance is a must. If you allow a lot of undergrowth or trees to grow out of control you run the risk of a serious fire threat.

Cooler months are generally the best time to have your tree pruned. There is less stress on the tree when it's dormant and the tree has time to recover before the growing season.

Depending on the size of the tree and its branches, there may be a safety risk. For trees with branches over a meter off the ground, it is recommended to have a professional arborist work on the tree trimming for you. A skilled arborist specializes in tree trimming and can prune your tree to minimise the risk of fatal damage to the tree. For diseased or dying trees, tree removal is recommended over pruning.

Why Have Us Trim Your Trees?
It all comes down to safety and knowledge. With over 15 years of experience, we know what to cut and where and how to do it safely.

Dead or heavy branches can be unpredictable to an amateur and can result in damage to property, injury and worst case loss of life. Also if the tree is close to powerlines consulting with a professional is essential.

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